Afordable comfort this winter

Find a more efficient way to heat your home with localised electric under floor heating,
from as little as £3 / sqm per year to run.

And as low as £475* installed,
a more affordable option than most people think as a retro-fit.

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Once in a dream....

Just for a moment, release all the ideas or thoughts you may have been given by others' views and imagine a world where energy doesn't cost the earth. Energy efficiency is a way of life.

The power to warm our homes, harnessed and fuelled by electricity from the sun.

Years ago when the idea was born, it was an expensive technology but as we progress cheaper methods are found and we have the option to move to a renewable source of energy. And efficient ways to use it.

Looking from this point doesn't it seem crazy using old, expensive methods ?

If you were able to have this at an affordable price today, why not step into this dream and realise how real it is ?

According to the most efficient boiler today is somewhere between 70 and 80 % efficient, losing heat through every contact with colder parts until it reaches its destination, your radiator. This is where it gets hot and emits the heat to the ceiling until it cools and falls onto you.

This is where under floor heating shows it's real character, the heat rises from all around you so it doesn't need to get nearly as hot and the fact that your feet come in contact with the warmth, makes you feel even warmer.

The added flexibility of remote controlled electric under floor heating also allows for you to control the heat in each room automatically, so you only need to heat the rooms you are using, decreasing energy further.

A typical boilers lifespan is approximately 10 years, apposed to electric under floor heating which has no moving parts, requiring no servicing. Thus out living a typical boiler by many years, that's why the manufacturer we use to supply the systems we install put a lifetime warranty on thier products.

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